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Lecco is a product designed to make reading easier when holding the book starts getting slightly tiring.

Function: a bookrest with different uses where not having to hold the book means added comfort:
- Students: taking notes while reading
- Bookrest for cookery books
- Leisure reading, etc…

Ergonomic: specially made for people with neck and back problems, as well as the elderly, the disabled, the visually impaired, people with cervical vertebrae trouble, etc…

Design, innovation and adaptability to help reading all kind of books in any situation.


Do not use with books weighing over 2.8 kg.(with the arm extended till maximum).

The height of a a book must be between 17 cm and 29,5 cm (A4).

The maximum height of the Lecco Elegant is 1.12 m and the minimum is 0,74 m.



  LECCO's folding(pliable) adapter for reading in bed.

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